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nice suprise

Hello Everyone

After having them set up for quite some time, my wild caught pair of
Norberti finally spawned for me.   

I had to resort to pulling the eggs as i noticed the eggs disappearing a
few at a time over the past day and a half!!    Being a F0 pair, i didnt
know if they would spawn again, so i have 20+ good eggs left!!!  

I have spawned these guys in the past, but didnt have wild caught stock
then, any experiences someone might have with this species would help
figure out if im doing it right or wrong.   

My pair is set up in a 15 gallon tank, lots of flower pots to hide and
pick from.   Water temperature is around 80F, pH < 6.0, hardness is <1
degree.   feeding them a good varied diet of frozen bloodworms, BBS ,
flake and tetra bits!   I've gone barebottom on this tank and have a
hydro sponge filter in the tank.   

Thanks for any info / experiences / suggestions you might have for me!!   


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