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Re: splash tetras

I was kinda waiting for one of the "tetra " guys to help you as well. I did
spawn them a long, long time ago so here goes. First of all as Mike pointed
out there are several species that look very similar. I believe the true
splashing samlet has red in the fins and that is the distinguishing
characteristic. Again perhaps one of the Tetra experts could shed some light
on this. When I first began in the hobby Tetras were my first love and I
spawned a few of them. I think it realy helped me understand the importance
of pH and water hardness as well as water quality in getting fish eggs to

Back to breeding. They are rather easy to breed. They will spawn in just
plain old soft water with a pH of 6.5. I used to spawn mine when I was kid
in just pure rain water. No peat filtration just plain rain water. I beleive
plain RO would give similer results. Many of the "old timers" out there may
be able to share experiences as well. When I started in the hobby I remember
talking with a few of the older aquarists who had allot of experiences with
them. From those conversations I am lead to beleive they have a wider
tolerance of water conditions then opne may expect. My friend Jaap Jan
DeGreef of Florida has had success with them as well with just plain
rainwater as well. I fattned up my fish with live foods bbs and mosquito
larvae. I then used a  leaf of a plastic sword plant I attached the leaf to
my glass top about 3-4 inches above the water temp about 78-80 F. They would
readily spawn on this fake leaf. I would water incubate the eggs. The male
will continue to splash the eggs if allowed to and is worth watching the
first time you do it. I would simply place the leaf in a tub with the same
water and then feed the babies in these little tubs. They are too small to
eat bbs so you'll need an infosuria culture. after a few days you can switch
to bbs. This is a really cool fish Frank good luck with them.

Dave Sanchez

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