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Re: splash tetras

I was out-of-town over the weekend talking on characins.  I've got something to say
about the so-called "splash tetras," but the Apisto list is not the right place to
talk about them.  I will post on the Tetra list.  For those not on the tetra list,
here is the link to the "home page" of the tetras list:


Mike & Diane Wise wrote:

> Frank,
> Too many pyrrhulinids come in under the common name "Splash Tetra" to really know
> which species you actually have. Maybe Randy can expand on this, but I don't know
> if anyone even knows where the original Splash Tetra came from. When available this
> rare fish is from domestic stock. Anyway, treat you tetras to the same water
> conditions as your apistos. As for food, pyrhulinids (Copeina, Copella &
> Pyrrhulina) have small upturned mouths so they prefer taking floating foods of
> smaller sizes.
> Mike Wise
> "F. Tadeo" wrote:
> > yeah i know this is out of topic for the apisto mailing list but i was
> > wondering if anyone knows anything about splash tetras.  i have two females
> > and i'm wondering what kind of water conditions they need, diet,
> > temperature, etc.
> >
> > frank
> >

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