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RE: FW: RAM fry and Holiday Vacation

Thanks very much for the suggestions.

Are the copepods, cephalopods, etc very small critters (i.e.- unseen by me)
living on the roots of such plants?  As apposed to other food sources such
as algae and rotifiers living in the sponge filter/leaves?

A question about the detail of the fish food part...
Are you suggesting that I put plenty of fish food in with the new plants to
help establish/feed the invert population until the plants/inverts are fed
to the rams?  (I still operate under many of the fish "rules of thumb" and
would, therefore, suspect that the extra food would rot in the plant tank
and turn to ammonia--good for the plants, yes--but good for the inverts, I
don't know?)

Regards, J.

Jason Sullivan

Wayne, NJ 07470

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You need a ton of plants with a well established invert population
(copepods, cephalopods, etc) established on them.  Frogbit roots, floating
water sprite roots, java moss, java fern with extensive root system, all
these are very good sources.   2 days notice is probably too little, but
try to round up what you can today, put them in something (a spare tank?)
with plenty of fish food, ask someone to transfer some of them to the fry
tank each day.....

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