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A. trifaciata

  Well, I finally have a trio of these guys (I hope ;).  They are still
small (2") and the male is just starting to color up.  What are the
preferred conditions for breeding these guys?  I have them in a 35 gal
planted tank w/ a bunch of pygmy corys a hatchet and 4 glowlight tetras
(they're old - 4 yrs + - and hopefully won't be around for much long). 

  I haven't tested the pH in a while because I don't think my test kit
is accurate - I test my peat filtered garbage pail and it comes out at
a pH over 7.  Is that possible?  The water is pretty dark.  I use this
water for water changes.
  I usually feed them twice a day with live Daphnia, and something else
- either frozen blood worms, BS, and Hikari's Mega Tropical; chopped
earthworms; or a prepared food (flakes or pellets).  Should I be
feeding anything more than the other?  I think they like the variety

Any other hints and tips would be greatly appreciated.


J. Miller
Edmonton, AB, Can.

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