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Fw: please help!

I've just joined this group in the hope of getting some urgent advice regarding breeding cockatoo dwarf cichlids. We have a community tank including two female and one male cockatoo. About two weeks ago, the male bred with one of the females, but within two days, she munched up her eggs. We agreed that the next time we found eggs, we'd remove them to allow them to hatch safely. Well, already he's bred with the second female, and I've just found the eggs. The thing is, my other half is currently half way over the Atlantic, en route to the US, and I won't be able to speak to him for another 20 hours....also, neither of us knows much about this, as we've never bred fish before!
Right now, I have covered the rock they're on with an up-turned rectangular box made of net, used for the fry I think. I've anchored it down with other stones and built up the sides with gravel and stones so no-one can burrow inside. Both parents still seem interested in protecting the eggs, so everything seems ok. The problem is that the stone is on the gravel, so when they hatch, they'll be on the floor of the tank, so I don't know how to feed them without either them escaping, or other fish swooping in and gobbling them up. I think the eggs are about 2 days old, so need to decide whether to move the stone NOW, or not.
I have another heated tank with four bumbling fantails and a fiddler crab, but could conceivably move fish around.
I would be enormously grateful for any advice, we've been so excited about successfully breeding these fish!
Many thanks