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Re: Fw: please help!

Hi Rosie

Nice to hear another UK voice on the list.  I have just 
spawned Cacatuoides in my community tank also (the 
fry are now 3 weeks old and around 10mm long).

My humble advice would be to remove the cover and let 
the parents do their thing.  My cockatoos ate their first 
couple of spawns also, but they soon get the hang of it.

Incidentally, my fish left the eggs alone when I went 
away for a few days, so I might consider covering the 
tank for a while with perhaps some newspaper or light 
material if you want to avoid spooking the fish and the 
subsequent egg-eating. I also had a deep blue marine 
light which I accidentally left on 24hrs without a timer, 
and I think the removal of the sudden on/off 
environment helped reduce stress as well.

Even if you lose another 1 or 2 egg clutches to the 
parents, I think it is worth it in the long run to be 
patient and have a set of parents who have learned to 
be a good mum and dad.  Stick with them!!

Please contact me off-list if you want to ask any more 
questions, no matter how trivial. I have a month of 
trying to keep my cockatoo fry happy and healthy and 
would be happy to share my experiences.

Good luck!!

Rich Moore
North London

ps - if you are in the South East, I would be interested 
in any recommendations you have as far as 
dealers/shops go...cheers

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