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A. biteiniata dilema

  I'm quite excited to see my fish growing to maturity, but I have a
small problem.
  When I first got the fish (they were pretty young), I thought I had a
trio (1m 2f), but it apparently turned out be an all female group (all
took turns in the yellow breeding coloration stage).  So I took one
back and got a male.  Now, it has become apparent that I have a reverse
trio (2m 1f).  Not a huge problem because they are in a heavily planted
35 gal with lots of hiding places (driftwood caves and flower pots).
  My problem is that the males are not the same species, and I'm not
sure which the female is either.  So I am hoping you can help me
identify them.

Here is the info on the dominant male:

Body: elongate, fusiform (slightly compressed)
Dorsal fin: extended back tip, even, but slightly serrated (not spiky)
            top edge, it has a red top edge and a black dorsal stripe
Lateral band: continuous, fairly broad, no lateral spot, continues 1/2 
              way into caudal fin
Caudal Spot: red vertical stripe (1 scale wide)
Tail: spade shape, outer edge has no color (can see right through it)
Other tributes: 
  - Head; suborbital and preorbital stripes, yellow color w/ blue/green
          iridescent spots
  - Color; purple, color fades at rear 1/2 of body

Here is the info for the subordinate male:

Body: same
Dorsal fin: no extended top edge, serrated, spiky lappets
Lateral band: continuous, lateral spot, extends into caudal fin (not as

              far as dominant male)
Caudal spot: none visible
Tail: lyretail, yellow/orange top and bottom edges
  -same, except of orange edging to fins, overall yellow 'apisto' color

  I would say the female is the same species as this second male.  She
has a lateral spot, and no visible caudal spot.  Her tail is round,
though.  All fish have the blue/ green spots on the face.
  I don't have any literature to look them up in, but I can access any
pic on the web - just need the link or URL.

Thanks for the help.

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