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Re: Apisto maternal behavior

In a message dated 01/02/01 19:05:52 GMT Standard Time, skohler@entermail.net 

>  I'm wondering whether apistos will put the fry in their mouth to shuffle 
>  around? I've seen mouthbrooders keep the fry in their mouth for 
>  but know nothing at all about apisto behavior.

Most if not all apistos use their mouths for shuffling fry around as well as 
cleaning them & crushing food for them.  I'm sometimes surprised at how long 
my Apisto nijsenni keeps fry in her mouth - I've seen her hold six fry at the 
same time for 27 minutes - I thought she was eating them but then she'd chew 
them and spit them out into a pit she had dug with the fry in her mouth.  
Even at 4 weeks old she picks up (the now huge) fry then chews and spits them.

Can anyone comment on other apistos and how long they keep fry in their mouth 
- is there a scale between non-mouthing and mouthbrooding in Apistos?

Alan W

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