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Multigenerational cacs


I was just curious if anyone else has gotten A. cacatuoides to have 3
generations of fry in a 10 gallon tank along with both parents.  I had
removed what I thought was all the fry of 'brood 1' when I knew the
female had new fry.  I missed a few however.  She left them alone so I
figured it was ok.  I left 'brood 2' in with her as I'd ran out of tank
space.  Today I thought she was looking more yellow again and when I
looked closer there was new just free-swimming fry with her again.
She's ignoring both previous batches of fry.  The male is ignoring all
of them.  The tank has a sand substrate and only a pot in it for the
female.  Originally, I had a third adult male in there too but felt
sorry for him since he was always driven to hide behind the filter (for
obvious reasons but only to hide from the female as the other male
ignored him).  I moved him as soon as I was able to.  He's in a 33
gallon along with an odd bunch of A. sajica and D. ebrardtii.  My 'brood
1' (the ones I moved out) is in a 10 gallon tank along with my latest A.
norberti fry.  Is it unusual for cacs to have as many broods in this
tank as they do?


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