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Re: Off topic: help IDing an unidentified Rasbora, heteromorpha complex (long)

Hi Sarah,

Ive come across these fish too up here in Toronto. And yes, they are
harlequin rasboras, though the lfs here named them black bush rasbora.
And yes, I have also seen a picture of these fish in a book, (where they
were IDed as harlequinns) but cant remeber which one..... If I remeber
reading correctly, the blue/purple harlequins are actually a wild morph.
But the difference between the picture and the actual thing was that in
the picture, instead of the black marking dissolving "into a rather
amorphous blob" as you describe, they had a very clear distinct line to
where the black mark ended, and instead of that bronzy/ copper sheen on
regular harlequinns, it was a beautiful metallic blue/ purple sheen. 
And as far as I know, our lfs here get them from breeders in florida, so
what I think is that some one got a hold a few pairs of some of these
fish and began to create a domesticated version. Resulting in the fish
we see. Over all a very nice fish, but expensive up here (running
between $5 - $7 EACH.). Hope this helps :).


Sarah LeGates wrote:
> Hello all,
> this is not a post about apistos, but I've exhausted every other
> resource I have at hand to find an answer to my question, and I know
> someone on this list can point me to somewhere I haven't thought to
> look.  About two weeks ago, I acquired a mature pair of fish belonging
> to the Rasbora genus, in what I would describe as the heteromorpha
> complex (they look like harlequins).  The main difference that I can
> distinguish between these fish and the harlequin Rasbora is that the
> black marking on this pair has "dissolved" into a rather amorphous
> blob, extending out across the better part of the body, behind the
> gill plate, from where the clearly-defined black mark would be on a
> harlequin.  These fish have remarkable coloring, which includes the
> aforementioned purple-blue blob-like marking on the body, as well as a
> "flash" of color on the top of the head, just anterior to the mouth,
> that is very shiny and very, very intense.  The male's "flash spot" is
> red, while the female is more gold.  I would love to find more of
> these fish; they were someone's trade-ins at the LFS, and they
> couldn't ID these fish at the store.  No mention is made of them in
> Baensch I or II, Axelrod's atlas, or any of the other assorted books I
> have at home.  I can't find mention of them on the web (although it's
> tricky to find them without a species designation).  The other species
> of "harlequin-like" Rasboras listed in the sources I've consulted do
> not match these fish.  I seem to remember some mention of a fish whose
> black markings "dissolved" with age, and as these fish appear to be
> fully mature (~2-3 cm SL) I wonder if this could be an older pair of a
> fish belonging to a species whose markings are clear as juveniles.
> Does anyone have an inkling as to what they could be or where I might
> find more info on them?
> Thanks,
> Sarah LeGates
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