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Of topic: inverts in planted tanks

I've got an off topic question. Hope this is okay. I've got four tanks of
varying sizes with apistos and other fish in them. All are heavily planted.
In two of them, however, I can not seem to keep algae eating shrimp from
dieing quickly. In the other two the shrimp (and snails) do fine, and keep
algae under control. The only difference in the two tanks (one of which
contains a pair of A.steindachner which I think may have just bred... no fry
yet, but she is showing signs) is that I have fluourite in the substrate.
Anyone have experience that might shed some light in this? Does it contain
some compound that would be toxic to inverts?

Sorry this is off topic.
Daniel Gottsegen <dgotts@earthlink.net>

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