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Hello !

Well folks,
since I posted here on this list already twice, I'll take this
to introduce myself. (Thanks Max Gallade-The other German-for reminding
me )

I've grown up in the 60's - 70's in a small town near Koeln (Cologne)
under "Old School Fish keeping" condition. Filter & Substrate cleaning
once a month,
Old water in a bucket, a bit plant pruning, scrubbed the algae off the
glass and then the
old water from the bucket back into the tank and a little bit top off
straight from the tab!
Well, it worked, we always had Apistos and they spawned even under these
I always kept tanks of different sizes (Freshwater only).
3 years ago I moved to California (work related) and after settling in I
discovered the
Plant List and the Apisto List and "within a week" a was back into the
hobby !
I maintain a heavy planted 100 G where I keep A.bitaeniata (blue).
1male - 5 females, they are breeders for me since quite some time and I
am able to
raise the fry. Interesting behavior if you have 2-3 generations in one
Sometimes 'Annihilation', sometimes Degeneration!
Just wondering if someone on this list has made the same observation ?
My 30G & 10G tanks are kind of "Experimental" tanks, where I try
different set ups.
My 30G is set up for a group of 5 A.pertensis, too young to sex !
I spent my time to create a natural set up for them and feed them with
my Daphnia culture,
I have successfully going outdoors since over a year.
Well and in my 10 G I keep a couple of Otocinclos happy, I like these
little suckers :-)
So, I am not a Apisto specialist or breeder like so many on this list I
respect, just an
overall, happy  Fish & Plant  aficionado.
'hope my little 'resume' was appropriate for the list and since I am
both list's, I'll come out of my closet from time to time and hope to be
to give some advise or raise some questions to support the beginner or
challenge the expert in one of the most rewarding hobby I found;

                           maintaining a closed eco system !


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