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Re: Trade names ?!?

Sigh, 4 new names to add to the list (well over
300 right now). I have no idea what they are. They
probably are named after rivers where the fish
were collected. There once was a hybrid commbrae x
resticulosa form in the German hobby called A. sp.
Mariae, but I strongly doubt that the one you list
is the same. There is a Rio Mariť in the upper Rio
Negro, so I would bet it is a species from there.
Please, if any of you figure out what these fish
are, let me know. We plan to put my list of names
up on the ASG web site soon.

Mike Wise

"charly.eon" wrote:

>  Hello Apisto listers, Does someone knows which
> species hide behind the following trade names :
> Apisto sp. Rio UatumanApisto.sp. Rio Curuaria
> *Apisto sp. Rio Aiari *Apisto sp. Rio MariŤ * *
> = Rio Negro basin ( I think) Regards. C.H. EON
> Bordeaux - FRANCE

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