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RE: albinos

I've never come across a true albino apisto, either.  There is a cacatuoides
"gold" in the trade, but it is not particularly light in color, say nothing
about true albino.

There are "gold" (Xanthitic) rams, but these are neither albinos nor
apistos.  Close enough to both, however, to suggest it is possible.

I've heard argument that the relatively small effort in captive breeding is
the most significant reason for this outcome.  There just is not a
sufficiently significant population of captive-raised fry to result in the
statistically improbable occurance of an albino.  Further, you would not see
albinos from native shipments (still a major source of trade apistos)
because they are naturally weeded out by predators.

I'm not sure if I buy this though.  It would seem that some of the albino
africans, in particular, occured relatively soon after their initial
introduction into the hobby.  Even thought they might be bred in greater
numbers, the short lenght of time they were available still restricts the
total population observed prior to identification of an albino. 

A comparitive example might be the propensity for albinos in other cichlids
that have been artificially raised in large number.  For instance, has
anyone (particularly the old timers) seen an albino Egyptian mouthbrooder?
While not prevelant now, these once were easily bred and therefore widely
available.  Certainly, if only a statistical phenominon, it would seem that
this species would have yielded an albino long ago.  Additionally, while
there are albino angels available now, these have only become available
recently (last 5 years or so).  Given the millions spawned each year, and
the decades they have been spawned over, why did we not see albinos back in
the '60s and '70s?  Kribs, on the other hand, have had an albino form in the
hobby for decades.

Are there other possible arguments related to the "strength" of a given
species genetics or something similar that might explain the lack of albino


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I think there are some od cacatouides colorforms out there.Gold or albino if

i remember right.I have  a lighter colored viejita male in my
bunch of 50+ juvi's but I wouldn't call him an albino.

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>I'm just curious.  Why aren't there any apisto albinos or gold morphs?
>There are all kind of african albinos.  Inquiring minds want to know.

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