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Re: sand


here are some really basic sand questions.  How to you clean it?  How do you
avoid sucking it up over time when you gravel (sand) wash?  I love the black
sand look, but what about anaerobic areas that could develop? Is this BB
safe for apistos that might sift it?

Sorry if this is slightly off topic, but I have been meaning to ask for the
longest time.


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: They say Coke will rot a nail in a short time.  The insinuation is that if
rots a
: nail, it probably does damage to your stomach.  But stomachs are not made
: metal.
: Likewise, maybe Black Beauty _is_ a by-product of coal.  But that does not
: necessarily mean that it is detrimental to aquarium use.  The stuff seems
to be
: inert, and it has been used in aquariums for years at a time with no side
: --Randy

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