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Re: albinos

Bill wrote:

>>>What I find interesting is that only one person on this list recalls

seeing one albino Apisto.  The rarity of a true albino form must be 
extremely high.

1. Is it because there are not as many Apisto breeders and the number 
of actual broods is low>

2. Is it because the stock in the hobby is not to far removed from the 
wild breeding stock to create the inbreeding from a limited gene pool 
necessary to throw an albino.

3. Or is there something in the Apisto's genes that resists combination

that produces an albino?

I don't have any clue, but it's an interesting topic to think about 
over a coffee.<<<

  The top two reasons are probably why we don't see albino apistos in
the hobby - especially the second because wild albinos would end up as
luch very shortly.  Maybe that's why the only albino apisto that has
been seen is a Cacatoo - I don't know about the rest of teh world, but
in the Edmonton are (Alberta, Canada) it is by far the most common
Apisto. I've seen.

  I don't think that there is a possibility of an albino resistant gene
- it's just that for it to show, both alleles from both parents have to
be albino.  That's not a highly probable occurance - a 1:256 chance,
that's only if both parents have the albino allele.

My 2 cents


J. Miller
Edmonton, AB, Can.

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