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No Subject

Hi everyone. I am being interviewed for a position at Point Defiance
Zoo and Aquarium. This interview is written and I answer a few questions.
I am allowed to use any resources to synthesize my replies. However, since
I am still in school and have had no experience with public aquarium work,
I am consequently unfamiliar with a few details. Could anyone shed any
light on a few areas? Please don't answer for me the question which I am
to answer, as I have to synthesize my own answer. However I would greatly 
appreciate it if anyone can help witha few details...

1) I am to discuss an ideal hypothetical exhibit with a given budget,
keeping in mind the design and functionality. However, I am unfamiliar
with what construction materials are used in exhibits. Has anyone made
observations about the construction materials that are used as substrate 
and shelter for animals in public aquarium exhibits? Do they often use
real rocks, or are they fabricated and molded. If molded and fabricated,
with what material?

2)I am to discuss how I may design and implement a safe diving program.
Does anyone know what diving activities occur in aquariums? I understand
there are volunteer programs, husbandry programs, and education programs
that involve scuba diving the exhibits. Has anyone experienced any such

Sorry for going off topic. I figured if anyone would pay attention to the
tank construction at a zoo, it would a bunch of aquarium keepers.

Jonathan Fung... Reef Geek
Dalhousie University Honours Marine Biology
Aqua Creations Inc. Assistant Manager
writer for Marine Fish Monthly 

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