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A. agassizi

  Well, my fun with A. biteineata is over, the LFS only had a lone male
left, and what appears to be a tank full of aggi's.  This was a
shipment of wild fish, and they are all young (about 1" or less), so it
is hard to determine the sex.
  Anyway, I brought home what I think is a male for what I think I have
is a female.  Actually is *was* the other way around.  The 'female'
that I originally thought was a male (knowing my luck she is still a
he), is sporting some nice breeding colors.  'She' is bright yellow
with a dark dorsal spot - some coloring to the fins.  However, 'her'
behavior leads me to believe that 'she' is a male.  Very aggressive,
'she' has taken the whole tank (well planted 10 gal) and won't stop
chasing 'her' new companion.
  The 'male' is smaller, with some coloring on the fins, and is
bordering between the typical apisto color and the grey body of the
adult male.  I thought 'he' was perhaps a female at the LFS because
'he' was kind of smallish and kind of yellow (compared to the dominant
male in the tank).  However, now 'he' shows more male characteristics
than my 'female' so you can understand why I am confused.  

  Any opinions/comments?  Should I just take the both of them back and
go for a pair of A. cruzi?  I think for now, I'll take my own advise
about the A. sp. Mamore, and hold onto them for a bit until I am sure
of their sex.


J. Miller
Edmonton, AB, Can.

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