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Re: earthquakes and tank supports

At 04:09 PM 3/4/01 -0500, you wrote:
>There's a simple solution to all of these hard water, earthquake,
>mudslide, tornado, hurricane problems!!    Move to the Adirondacks!!!
>We only have snow 6 months of the year! lol  , time to put
>another log on the fire, it was only -14F here this morning,
>Tundra John

Gee, John, that's too bad.  Out here in earthquake-ridden SF, as a 60 year 
native, I have never seen anyone even injured in a quake (seen it on TV, 
seen lots of stuff on TV), and sit here in my shirtless wonder because it 
is too warm in the house (despite our very low thermostat setting).

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