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My photo point pictures

I re- organized and added some more pictures in my photo point albums.
If you like to see a list of all my albums go to the photo point homepage
and type in my e-mail address < m.gallade@jdneuhaus.com > at visit a friends 
I found it necessary to split the DC photos into different species albums.
Z-man ,I'm very happy to see that my newly aquired Rio Marmore's beginning 
to spawn.One of my little females has a major construction work going on in 
front of her cave.It doesn't look like much in the photo,but she did some 
major digging.I guess I'll find out soon if there's a male in between the 
six I got:).
I posted a picture of my nijsseni sneaker male at:
I'm not to happy with the photo point setup.I've been working on a website 
-webcommunity and will announce the launch soon,more about this at a later 
Max Gallade
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