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Re: Finally!!!!!!


Congratulations, perhaps the Danios did the trick but better watch out now
that there is fry about or soon you will be cursing the clever "fat"

> I was checking my tank where my Apisto Sp Mamore Reds are in this
> afternoon.   I knew from looking last night that one female had spawned
> and had eggs inside an open flower pot.    So while checking to see if
> the eggs were still there and any good, i was SHOCKED to see free
> swimming fry with the other female on the other end of the tank!!!
> I am so excited, I've watched spawn after spawn either fungus up or have
> the eggs get eaten.    I'm wondering if the 5 Blue Danios i have in the
> tank with them caused the females to be more protective, even from the
> male!!   And i said i never use dithers in my breeding tanks, man what a
> liar!!!
> Ok, sorry for ranting, just had to tell someone!!
> Tundra John

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