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Message from Apisto list operator


Some of you may be wondering why their postings do not get to the list.
One common reason recently is that your message is too long for the list to

The mailing list will not mail you back and tell you that it was too long
so it will seem like your mail was lost.

Overlong email can happen for several reasons

Example 1: You subscribe to the digest only. When you send your reply, your mail software
automatically quotes the entire digest and sends it with your reply. This makes your message
far too big.

Solution 1: Delete the quoted digest and just quote a small section that is relevant
to your posting.

Example 2: You are replying to a long thread. Everyone in the previous thread has quoted
the entire message so the message gets longer and longer.

Solution 2: Get into the habit of trimming unnecessary text when replying.Or if the thread
is running off-topic (e.g. has nothing to do with dwarf cichlids) consider emailing the
people directly.

Example 3: You send HTML formatted mail. HTML mail more than doubles the size of each email
and not everyone can read HTML mail easily.

Solution 3: This list does not support HTML mail so please turn that feature off in your mailer.
Lots of spammers use HTML mail.

Example 4: You send a picture or other large file to the list.
As a matter of policy, we don't allow pictures on the list.

Solution 4: Please upload the file to a web page and the just tell the list where to find it.
Or, if you want to send the picture to some people, send a message like "People who want this
great picture, please email me and I will send it direct". Also, if you are new to digital
photography, read up on how to use JPEG format to make your picture take up less space
when sending in email; edit your picture to remove surplus background; reduce its dimensions.
No web page? Try a free web hosting service.

Frank O'Carroll

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