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Re: apisto V1 #707

In a message dated 3/13/01 8:19:57 PM Pacific Standard Time,
owner-apisto@admin.listbox.com writes:

I have four juvenile A. inirida that won't eat anything else than live baby
brine shrimps.
I want this guys to grow to mature size (of course), and I don't think they
will grow fast enough on just BBS. And what about when they become bigger?
Will BBS then be good enough for them? They are about one inch now. I have
had them for about two month.

What I do with all of my fish, and has never failed even with the ever fickle
killies, is once the fry are large enough to accept crushed flakes, I will
deposit a small quantity of the crushed flakes on the water surface. I then
squirt some BBS through the flakes (I never rinse BBS-the saltwater has never
seemed to harm any of my fish). This causes the flakes to intermingle with
the BBS. Eventually, the fish learn to expect BBS when the flakes hit the
water, but at some point, the BBS never come!

Joel Antkowiak