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Re: New tank for apisto

  I have bred Cacatoos in very bright planted tanks with no problems at
all - Borellis also spawned in a planted tank.  Both were in 15 gals. 
In my cacatoo tanks, I had sponge filters and overflow filters, but if
you have a heavily planted tank, with correct nutrient levels and
lighting, then you could do without a filter, and maybe just circulate
the water with a small powerhead.
  I have a pair (I hope) of agasizzis in a 25 gal planted tank with a
Fluval canister filter filled with peat to help keep my water soft and
acidic.  The fish love it.  
  Another suggestion would be to get a number of clay pots and turn
them upside down with the drain hole up.  I use a few different sizes,
and sometimes have to enlarge the drain hole a bit, but the apistos
love these, and they're pretty cheap at Wal Mart.


J. Miller
Edmonton, AB, Can.

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