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NEC event

Went last evening, and for a bit today... great event guys! Met up with
Big John and traded in my Cacatuoides breeders for a group of his
THANKS JOHN! They are settling in nicely. Not much in the way of fish
vendors... but waterlife was there, with some pretty nice stuff. Triple
red cacs, super red aggies, and some REALLY nice rams. I was going to
pick up a few today, but they were gone by the time i got there :(  
There were a few people with fish in their rooms and I stumbled upon a
GREAT find! Biotoecus opercularis, (Steindachner 1875) really neat
little guys! And expensive! For reference see Linke and Staeck DC's a
handbook for ID care and breeding p. 163
For better pics go here :  http://blackwater.50megs.com/bio.htm

I think Big John picked some up too so he'll probably post about them as
well. It was actually pretty funny to go into a room at a hotel like the
marriot and see people with fish tanks set up all over the furniture!
The maid musta loved it! 
I'll be going tomorrow as well, for the big auction. but with the loot I
dropped on those Biotoecus.... I probably won't buy much unless I see
something REALLY irresistable. Had too much real life stuff to do today,
so I didn't get to see any of the speakers. big John did though, so
you'll be hearing from him. Anyway, just wanted to drop a line... and
i'll post about the auction tomorrow...

Be well,

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