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Re: NEC event

OK OK OK, Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Tundra John has spoken!!!!

Yes i travelled thru snow, once again, to head to the NEC weekend.   I
left Tupper Lake at 8am to arrive in Hartford in time so my travelling
buddy, Joe Hildreth, could get there in time for the AGA meeting.  Did
we get there in time, Heck no!!   Snowy roads, Pet shops and eaterys
along the way caused us to be a bit late!!   

I have to admit something here, I disappointed my self in the fact that
NONE of the BLUE bottles could be found in Hartford!!!    MIke Schadle
didnt come this year, hint hint, no man, no blue bottles!!!   Good for
me!!   I was a model citizen, to bed by 11: 30, no hospitality room, not
even a drop of the fermented stuff!!

Now fish wise, Wow, some great things were there!!   Of course i finally
got to meet Rich and Sal!   Great guys!   Ran into a bunch of us ppl who
are into cichlids of the diminuative stature!
Saw and spoke with Julio, David Soares, Dov and way too many others to
put on this list, I truly had a great time, I even had a chance to speak
with Dr. Uwe Romer for a few minutes.  Talk about a great presentation!!
It was reason I made the 5 hour drive to Hartford and i wasnt
disappointed at all.   I learned of new species of apistos where the
males turn yellow and guard the fry and the females are larger and stay
silver colored.    Saw some neat things about Elizabethae, NOw i have to
get some of them for sure!!   He showed us what a bunch of the new
species looked like and gave us some info about them.   Truly a great

And of course through the weekend I managed to pick up several species
of Apistos and some of those awesome Biotoecus  Opercularis!!   Thank
you Ariel!!  They made the trip home and have settled into their tank
nicely,    I came home with Sp Cara Pinta, Sp Maulbruter (brustband), Sp
Belem, gorgeous Cacatuoides which will give no blood to my lines, and

So sadly Mike, there was no Blue Goop, but New Jersey is coming!   And i
hope to see you all there!!

Reporting from Tupper Lake, where we got about 9 more inches of snow
over the weekend, Oh God, is spring ever coming to the Frozen Tundra??

Little John

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