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A. trifasciata

My very young trifasciata female turned yellow and
started dancing in front of a male this morning in 75
gallon planted community tank.  This was rather
unexpected since they are still pretty young.  The
conductivity of the water is pretty high and there are
tons of rambunctious fish (crown loaches, congo tetras,
cory cats to name a few) in this tank.  I can not catch
them without ripping out all the plants and turning
over a huge driftwood and rocks.  So I am just hoping
that the pair can protect their eggs/fry in the thicket
of pearl grass they dove in.  (There is a plant saucer
I gave them as a hiding place behind the thicket.)   Do
you think there is a chance that the pair may be able
to raise a few fry in such a condition?  I read
somewhere someone raises them in a planted community

I am also worried about small ramshorn snails getting
their eggs.  They often eat the eggs of my
anomalochromis thomashi in another tank.  I am
surprised that the ferocious female do not seem to
attack the snails.  Do small snails really eat viable


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