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Re: good fish store ?

My vote is for Ocean Aquarium - 120 Cedar St. in San Fransisco.  People on this list directed me there in January when I visited SF.  It was phenomenal.  Many different types of dward cichlids and other interesting fish.  Inexpensive prices.  Justin Hau the proprietor is wonderfully nice and very knowledgable.

   Please give him my regards.

               Matt Diller

>>> yalleau@OCE.ORST.EDU 03/28/01 01:12PM >>>
hi all,
i'll be in Sacramento and San Francisco this w-e and wanted to know if you could advise me with some good fish stores down there.
                        FLI USA

Yvan Alleau
712 Kings boulevard
97330 Corvallis, Oregon
home # 738-0606
College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon State University
office (Burt 222) # 737-3649, to be used wisely !

"When you're far from everything, you're getting closer to the essential"

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