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RE: Amazon Exhibit NAIB

I vote for the pics to go up!


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I think I can call this exhibit one of the best in the world.It is a must
see if you visit B'more someday.Check the ACA website for the upcoming
Cichlid Convention in July.People usually post upcoming events on this list.
The Z-man has a great article about his visit to the NAIB exhibit on his
site.You find his site on my links page.It's the first one.
My e-mail address is <mgallade@hotmail.com>.Btw the main exhibit even has
Apistos in it.I saw cacatuoides,aggies and bitaeniatas fighting around a
giant piece of driftwood.
If anybody is interested in seeing the exhibit pix on my website let me
know.I'll post them if I get enough votes.
Take care

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