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Re: live food.

you may check out as well the Live Food List
over at www.actwin.com
Check the archives or sign up.
Lot of tips, recommendations, etc. of
cultivating Live Food.


salS wrote:

Hi Yvan,Unless you can purchase from a wholesaler ( around these parts you need a retailers license) I suggest you try to work together with your favorite aquarium pet shop.I get all of my live food (Brine shrimp, blackworms, tubifex etc.) through my local aquarium pet store. I'm not talking about paying retail price!! Since I sell/trade most of my fry with this pet store, over the years I worked out an arrangement where everyone is happy.  I pay him cost plus a small markup (for his trouble).  I can buy as much as I want. It sure beats paying 3 x cost!There're mail order catalogues where you can buy direct, but in the summer time I've had bad experience with black worms.. the heat kills them quickly!!  best done in the cool weather.Good lucksal
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Subject: live food.
 hi there!just wanted to have some info from you guys.i would like to buy live food specially Artemia salinas (brine shrimps).where can i get some, i mean in big quantity? I'm tired to put so much money in a quantity that i'll be out after 3 days. I've seen some pretty big baggs coming to some LFS. do you guys know where i could get any?Also i would like to feed my fish almost exclusively with brine shrimp, i would like to know where to get black worms (ie tubifex) in big quantity as well.i'm living in Corvallis, Oregon. (1h30 from Portland).thanks                        FLI USA Yvan Alleau
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