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Re: preparing coconut shell caves

This is how I prepare coconut shells for use in my tanks.

First method:
Drill holes in both of the ends to drain juice.  Be careful, it can be
messy. Then I run it through the shop band saw.  Next I use a screwdriver to
get the meat out.  (I give the meat to my coworker who likes to eat it.) 
Finally, I take it home and boil it for at least an hour. I use plyers to
break a 'V' shaped entrance.  A little scuffing with sandpaper at the
entrance cut takes the edge off.

Second method:
I drill the holes as before and score the shell all the way around with a
hacksaw.  Then I take it outside and drop it on the concrete.  This method
is not a reliable way to get even halves, but the fish could care less.  If
a half is too deep I use a hammer to make concave shards that the dwarfs use
as well.

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