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Re: Virus source

All I can say is that this morning, a few hours after posting on this
list, I recieved a reply e-mail (personal, not via the list... I think the
list software may filter mail with attachments) from
apistogrammasetc@yahoo.com with the virus in it, and the classic "Please
look to the attachment" note, just like the other three reports noted

Doing a little reading on the sucker confirms my suspicion:  Once a
machine is infected, the virus replies to any unread mail on the computer
in an attempt to spread itself.  So the only conclusion is that a computer
that uses the e-mail address apistogrammasetc@yahoo.com was still
infected as of this morning (I haven't gotten another virus-laden reply to
my last post, nor to this one, so I can't confirm if the machine in
question has been fixed since then).

Any chance you have two machines?  Older copy of the anti-virus software?
Just grasping at straws here... next time I get it mailed to me again,
I'll go through the headers more closely and not delete the message.  May
give us more clues.

  - Erik

On Sun, 13 May 2001, david sanchez wrote:

> Actually according to my protection software it is.
> Please inform me what you are seeing that I am not
> then I do not want to spreadt this virus any further
> but from my end things seem to be ok.

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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