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Re: That V-word thing

In a message dated 14/05/01 06:55:09 GMT Daylight Time, ruddigar_99@yahoo.com 

>   Well, I guess I'm the one with the Yahoo address.  I have scanned
>  both with Norton and PCillan antivirus software and have come up with
>  nothing. 

Just to add to the discussion, I used Norton Internet Security 2000 and it 
missied it.  I did the live update thing and from then on it picked up the 
Badtrans virus (which I believe was the one that sent the messages).  I've 
just moved up to Norton Internet Security 2001 v 3.0 and that picked up two 
more viruses the other versions had missed.

I guess it pays to keep you anti-virus software up to date.  I can really 
recommend Norton Intenet Security 2001 to anyone as it also contains firewall 
protection too (www.bol.com price £32.60).

Alan W

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