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Re: Re: Virus source (fwd)

OK, everyone on the list, not just Dave, take a look at this header (I've
deleted the virus attachment). I got the virus sent to me twice this
morning, in reply to the two posts I made last night.

It came from a dialup account using the provider mpinet.net about 4:38 AM
pacific time time (or 7:38 eastern).  mpinet.net is a central Florida
Internet Service Provider.  (Dave, you live in Florida, right?)  But
please, ANYONE on the list who vaguely matches this description, reply to
me personally offlist, and I will check your headers to see if they match.

Let's nail this one for good.

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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'Erik Olson' wrote:
- That's the problem Dave.  Things are NOT all right on your end now.
- Your computer appears to be still spreading the virus.
- On Sun, 13 May 2001, David Sanchez wrote:
- > I think if you will recall a few days ago I announced
- > I had a virus and apologized for spreading it Eric so
- > I don?t no why this is such a surprise all of a sudden
- > it hit the Killie talk list as well. That is how I was
- > infected the virus seems to thrive on e-mail list such
- > as  ...'

> Take a look to the attachment. 

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