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Re: That V-word thing

On Mon, 14 May 2001, Bob Crosby wrote:

> Aren't we beating this virus business to death? If you don't have virus
> scanning software installed and do an online scan regularly such as
> Housecall, as well as simply not opening unknown or suspicious attachments,
> this will continue to happen.
> Nobody is immune, but there are preventive actions you can take to eliminate
> them before they become a problem or at least minimize their effects.
> Rather than trying to attach blame, use the same effort to protect your
> system. S*%t happens....

The problem here is that someone is still infected, so their computer
continues to send out copies of the virus to everyone who posts on the
list.  I hate reading about viruses instead of apistos too... it seemed
that's all anyone was talking about here for two weeks, and it's still not
fixed.  Continuing to get the virus mailed to me is also annoying. You'll
probably get a copy today since you posted.  So THAT is why I'm trying to
find out who's still infected.

  - Erik

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