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Fish give away

I hope it is all right to post this on the list, if not sorry. I am leaving
town on a sabbatical for awhile (one of the perks of academic life). Thus I
need to break down some tanks since no one will be able to care for them. I
am in the San Francisco Bay Area (north Bay) and will give away my fish to
anyone interested. I have only three apistos at this time (some smallish A.
sp rotkeil), also two medium/large Clown Loaches, two 4 inch pearl gouramis,
some pygmy Corydoras, one Corydoras adlofoi, cardinal tetras, rummy-nosed
tetras, a few white cloud minnows, and lots of algae eating shrimp. Also
many varieties of healthy plants (Amazon swords, crypts, cabomba, etc.,
etc.). If interested contact me via email off list. Sorry if this is
inappropriate, but it seemed like a good way to give away the stuff. Breaks
my heart to have to break down the tanks, but that is the way it goes.
Daniel Gottsegen <dgotts@earthlink.net>

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