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Re: sexing checkerboard cichlids

Only the males have lyre-tails. The females caudal fin is rounded.
Sexing young D. filamentosus is tricky. What has worked best for
me is looking at the side band. Bordering the sideband (above and
beneath) the males often have two "metallic blue" lines. Not as 
bright but usually they're there. Young males show these as well,
although fainter. Young females don't have them. This doesn't 
prevent you from getting sleeper males thoug, males that develop 
their traits later that others. 

The only way I to buy these are in greater numbers unless they're
adult and you can clearly see the sexes.

Good luck

"F. Tadeo" wrote:
> I bought what I thought was a reverse trio of some checkerboard
> cichlids three months ago.  Today, I noticed that all three fish had
> the lyretails and bright colors whereas there was only two that had
> lyretails before.  I thought that only the males had the lyres.  Am I
> wrong?  Do both sexes have lyres?  If so, then how do I sex these
> fish?  Thanks to anyone who will help!
> -Frank

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