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Great medication

I recently has some trouble with my discus (I know
they are not dwarfs or even close but this may help
you some day). THey slimed up badly and got very dark.
I decided to try something new instead of whacking out
my tank with massive amounts of antibiotics (plus I 
DESPISE the use of antibiotics in situations where it
can be avoided). At my local store I picked up some
Melafix, which is endorsed by Jack Wattley. After 3
days (of the recommended 7) treatment, I have to say
WOW. The fish have colored up again, and are very
active. I did not let them get to the point of not
eating but I did lose my favorite one (oddly he did
not slime up like the others), I think but I have not
found his body (It is very heavily planted). THe tank
clouded up for a day, but no other fish were lost. I
do not work for the company that makes it and I never
was a fan of theirs but I give MelaFix two big thumbs
up! Coincidentally, this is the tank where I have the
apisto that I blamed for being hyper-aggressive, maybe
it was just a plague that the other two brought in and
succumbed to then passed on to the discus? The lonely
single apisto has looked great the whole time. Max,
this problem has prevented me from sending you plants
since I doubt you want them from a sick tank. Drop me
a line.


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