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Re: feeding of A. nijsseni

on 6/21/01 5:29 PM, Bob Raible at laetacara@yahoo.com wrote:

> 3 of the 4 nijsseni were picked up on 6/9 at the PCCA auction, the
> other is a long term resident. I killed a few nijsseni by fouling the
> tank with good quality flake which I finally figured out they treat
> with disdain. The panduro pair were picked up at the June PCCA auction
> as well. I feed tubifex (blackworms) since they are one of the few live
> foods I have access to. I grow microworms which are too small for these
> guys, and one of the better LFS's carries live blackworms and BS. I was
> unsuccessful in breeding daphnia, and for some reason no mosquito
> larvae have shown up in my outdoor tub(last year it was loaded with
> them). Any suggestions other than BS (I intend to give them a go this
> weekend)?
> PS: thanx for your prompt response.

I find grindal worms to be as easy to raise as microworms and the apisto's
love them.

Brian Ahmer

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