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Re: water hardness

That is exactly what I did with my discus pairs. THey
started around 175 or so hardness on a TDS-1 (from
ThreeGuysAquatics got a great price). I used straight
RO to do water changes until I got the hardness in
line. THe relationship with RO and tap mixing seems
strange. For instance, water at 175 changed 50% with
straight RO and the hardness did not get halved. Not
gonna figure out the chemistry just wanted you to know
what to expect.

--- JerrCarol@aol.com wrote:
> Hi All,
>  just curious, How does one get their water down to
> a trace hardness without 
> adding strait RO? I heard adding strait RO was a bad
> thing. My logic says 
> that if there is already 150ppm then adding strait
> RO would bring it down. Is 
> my logic wrong?
>        JerryB

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