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[David Sanchez]
John the overidding factor is the water quality. And
that goes in 2 parts. One is having the proprer and
correct parameters the secound in maintaining very
good water quality which translates to low DOC's as
can be measured by our counductivty.

[John McCrone]
I've  never focused on conductivity simply because a meter seemed
expensive - over £100 in the UK from memory. DOC is dissolved organic
content? And is this what is directly measured by a conductivity measure?

I use London water which I presume is high in DOCs already - it certainly
tastes that way and I even carbon filter it for my own consumption! I use an
RO unit in the hope that most of the crud is removed, then add about 10
percent tap water (which is GH of 15-20 and pH of 7.5-8). My fish never
survived that long until I switched to RO.

Do you think eggs are more vunerable than fry to water quality? Now that I
have fry, I am debating when to do the next water change. Normally I would
change about a third every other week on this 20 gallon tank, well planted,
with only two little rams. But in the past, I've had a lot of fry (of other
apisto breeds) die after about a week. This didn't matter as I could only
house enough survivors to replace their parents. But if you want a high
survival rate, what is the balance between water changes and disruption?

from John McCrone

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