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Re: Sleeper males

In a message dated 05/10/01 13:05:56 GMT Daylight Time, emartina@uiuc.edu 

>  I removed the dominant male the other day and I was wondering how long it 
>  take for the sleeper male (if I have any) to color up?

With cacutoides, I have had entirely female spawns so I don't know if you 
will get any more males.

re: sleepers though, I've got Checkerboard Cichlid and Golden-eyed Dwarf fry 
at the moment and both seem to be almost all females until you remove the 
dominant male. After a big water change, new males seem to reveal themselves 
within a week or two.  Splitting the brood into different tanks of mixed 
species also seems to work well for me - I get a dominant male in each tank.

Alan W

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