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Re: Water Changes...and...Water Changes

Great news jerry. Yupp, water changes means lower
DOC's and thus lower bacteria levels and healthy fry
and eggs. No magic, no secrets. Congrats Jerry Hope to
hear you helping someone in the months to come.


--- JerrCarol@aol.com wrote:
> Hi All,
>  I'm a proud father once again. Just want to thank
> everyone that helped. I 
> know it's hard not to feel like I'm bragging but, I
> hate to say it at my age 
> I'm actually tickled to death by this...
>  I have free swimming Nigeria Greens today. This
> makes my third group of free 
> swimmers since I started in March. I had free
> swimming Borellii in Aug. and 
> free swimming Agassizii in Sept. Now the Greens in
> Oct. Thank God it's feels 
> good.
>  All I can say is the most important thing I've
> learned was.....Water 
> changes...Water changes and more Water
> changes.....<G>
>              JerryB

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