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Re: questions

Yes, George, I have occasionally had aggressivity problems with my rams, but
I'm working on coming up with a good strategery for dealing with it. ;P

Anyway, do you mean you are having problems between the partners in the
pairs, or fighting between the pairs. I generally only experience the former
when a pair is in too cramped a tank, like a 10. Perhaps the change in
environment upset the relationship. If the latter, that has been normal in
my experience. I had two pairs of rams in a 90(same footprint as a 75), and
they immediately claimed an end and defended it against the other pair. It
usually didn't result in any major damage, but there were occasional ripped
fins and such. The other tankmates never seemed to affect this relationship
between pairs, but I think it actually helped to have the other pair in
there to provide an enemy/competition. They would spawn every seven days, in
sync with each other.


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