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Re: basic care of Papiliochromis Ramerizi

> horizons on this list.  I was sold a pair of
> papiliochromis ramerizi by a very high quality
> fishstore that specializes in cichlids in Portland,
> OR. 

Was it "The Wet Spot"? If so, its one of the coolest
fish stores ever. I think it may rival Ocean Aquarium
in San Fran. Steve(?) the owner is knowledgeable, i believe
they also run www.cichlidexchange.com.

>I decided on this fish because i was told it was a
> good dwarf cichlid to start with.  Does anyone know of
> a good detailed resource about these fish.

I've had no luck with rams, always seem to lose one
of the pair.

> I have also had trouble with feeding them flakes, and
> am hoping frozen blood worms will work better.  What
> are other good foods.

Frozen bloodworms are good (get the hikari brand if
you can). My dwarfs relish live brine and blackworms, as
well as BBS when i have some left over from feeding fry.
A few will munch on small sinking pellets.  Frozen mysis
is good too and frozen gammarus if you can find it.

danville, CA

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