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Re: RO or Ion-Exchange Resins??

> Most ion-exchange resins that you can get from pet stores will do nothing to
> reduce the dissolved mineral content of your water. As the name implies,
> they are simply exchanging one ion for another, usually sodium for calcium.
> They are recharged by putting in salt solution. It hardly seems beneficial
> to be adding salt ions to the water when you're dealing with apistos.
> Zack

So I have to go for a RO unit then. Is there some alternatives to RO? I don't quite sure that rain water will do in my area since I live in the middle of pulluted Bangkok. Well....need to invest!

How about if I keep on with the KH/pH lower products like Tetra's? Does it actually reduce KH or just give out strong acid? What is its disadvantage apart from its price?


Bangkok, Thailand.


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