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Re: Artemia Brand

I've never worried about any excess. I just feed it ALL to the fish, and the adults pick up whatever the fry can't take in. Alternatively, you can just hatch a smaller batch of eggs.

Baby brine shrimp are a GREAT tonic for adult breeders. I realize this is expensive fish food, but IMO there is no better live food in existence for adult dwarf cichlids.



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> With all the discussion about getting good hatch rates, I have a problem
> even after getting over that hurdle...what to do with all the hatchlings
> for the day or two over which they can be fed to fry? I tend to have high
> die off rates even after good hatchings. I almost always transfer them to
> fresh brine water and have tried placing them in the fridge (lower
> metabolism rate to keep up nutritional value) and floating them in a tank
> with food and air. Neither really seems to keep good numbers alive and
> swimming for 48+ hrs.

You can freeze them. I use those tiny ice cube trays I find in thrift shops.
Everytime I make brine shrimp, I freeze about half and keep the rest in the
fridge. The refrigerated shrimps are used up about in just about 48 hours.
I pop the frozen ones out of the ice cube trays after 24 hours and drop them
into a sealed container where they keep forever in the freezer. When you
drop them into the tank, the cube floats and a stream of bbs float down.
Based on the fish reaction, they still taste very good. Since most spawns
are unanticipated, these are great for emergency feeding.


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