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Paunduro breeding?

Hi Guys, I think that my A. panduro are thinking about breeding... The
female has developed all the appropriate spots/blotches of black, is now
guarding a piece of pvc, and is trying like crazy to seduce the male.
They are set up in a 10 gal with a sponge filter, heater, lots of hiding
places:  pots, pvc, soft plastic plants draped about, and java moss.
There are also 3 black phantom tetras as dither/target fish (the male
chased the female a lot, so I got these guys).  If they do breed, I will
likely have to remove the tetras, right?  Am I likely to have to move
the male as well?  The male and female get along very well after I got
the tetras, he never picks at her, and she never really bothers him.
Could I transfer tetras and male to a 5 gal and have everyone get
along?  What kind of food is recommended for fry?  I don't really want
the hassle of bbs, but would be willing to grow microworms or something
else, I just need to find a source of it.  Any thing else?  Thanks!

Columbus, OH

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