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virus warning

hello all

I know quite a few of us are on both of the Apisto list and the South
American list.   

Someone or actually several of you have a virus in your computer.
Fortunately for me, Web tv ppl cant get a virus... the machine has no
hard drive, hence nothing for a virus to attack.   But i do recieve
email from ppl on both list that have a virus... twice today and once
yesterday i recieved message from ppl on these lists that had a virus in
it... actually the virus is sending out email most likely un noticed by
the sender to ppl in their address book or thru different lists that
they subscribe to.    Steve Hatfield , check your machine..... you were
the last one that i recieved this generated message that contained the
virus.... Chris Jewel.. you also have it.    Please ppl.... check your


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